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22 Dec, 2008  |  Written by rtcadm  |  under Roadies 6.0

This week the Roadies Production team continued its look out for potential Roadies in the city of Chandigarh [Images]. The city which has a track record of giving this game show a nice North Indian flavor with beautiful girls and boys with 6- pack abs. Chandigarh has always delivered in terms of good Roadies with a go-getter spirit and muscular strength to back it up. This year was no different and the team went home happy with 4 Roadies.

The enthusiasm shown by Chandigarh audience was over whelming. There was huge turnout of around 6000 people. Ayushmaan, a Punjabi and a former Roadie hosted the show very well. He could relate very well to the pulse of the audience there, thanks to his Punjabi lineage.

Raghu and Rajeev looked all charged up to make the contestants go through hell in the interview room to test their mental toughness. They didn’t want to settle for anything second best from this city. The topics chosen for group discussion were wild and whacky like ‘Should contraceptive machine be installed in college campus’.

A guy came in the group discussion in a very outrageous outfit and the lesser said the better it would be about his utterly disgusting dress which he considered super-cool attire. Raghu immediately got annoyed and the guy was shown the door. Sometimes, fashion faux pas can happen even in the reality game shows!!

The interviews went on for a long time and the judges had their fun moments too. One of the pervert and narrow minded guys who was nicely given razor sharp dose of Raghu and Rajiv’s slangs was Vivek. The interview stretched for too long and centered around his GD topic which we mentioned above and his sick ideas on it. His thoughts on homosexuality agitated the brothers and thereafter, he himself was proved a gay by the duo on the basis of his body language. No wonder, he was declared unfit for the show.

There are more stories to tell and this time about the selected Roadie. So keep reading the blog. The selected Roadies from Chandiagarh are:

1. Jazzy loser-Ankur
2. Killer eyes -Natasha Sinha
3. Gal with a fake accent  – Tamanna
4. Bold and  strong – Sonia Chauhan

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